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Why Should Medical Professionals Buy Littmann Classic Iii For Auscultation Purposes?

Marsha Williams December 29, 2017 Health Comments Off on Why Should Medical Professionals Buy Littmann Classic Iii For Auscultation Purposes?
Why Should Medical Professionals Buy Littmann Classic Iii For Auscultation Purposes?

 When it comes to auscultation, nothing else comes to mind but the littmann line of stethoscopes. These instruments have redefined the way medical professionals listen to internal body sounds and go about diagnosing patients. All the devices from littmann are dependable in nature offering high acoustic sensitivity and great performance for general physical assessment. Its next generation of instrument – littmann classic iii – is a notch better than the predecessors ensure matchless auscultation on the back of a range of unique and innovative features. The device combines the best of new and old, and promises a new dimension to the art of listening to internal body sounds.

Here are some of reasons why medical professionals should buy littmann classic iii –

Tunable diaphragm

The instrument comes with two tunable diaphragms on both the adult and pediatric sides of the chestpiece to ensure clarity with any frequency of sounds. While the pediatric side is helpful for think patients the adult side is suitable for the rest ensuring clarity of sounds and superior acoustic performance.

High acoustic sensitivity 

The deliver guarantees high acoustic sensitivity and ensures outstanding performance for general physical assessments. It comes in an updated design, also dual tunable diaphragms that are simple to clean and maintain. Both these aspects make it fit for beginners and pros alike and this also the reason behind the device’s so much popularity the world over.

A new dimension in patient monitoring and diagnosis

Without doubt, littmann classic iii is a new dimension in patient monitoring and diagnosis ensuring accurate sounds and superior acoustic under all circumstances and environments. It comes fitted with a versatile two-sided chestpiece plus tunable diaphragms lend it the real value. The instrument is developed in a way to provide matchless ease in identifying, studying body sounds and doing patient monitoring and diagnosis.

Enables different frequency sounds easily 

The instrument comes with the path-breaking tunable diaphragm technology which makes the device capable of enabling different frequency of sounds to clinicians. It is simple to use and needs just slight adjustment of pressure on the chestpiece to listen to different sounds. Doctors just have to hold the chestpiece with either low or high pressure to get the kind of sound clarity they look for.

Excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit

The instrument is created in a manner to not put pressure on the ears when used by longer durations on a stretch. It comes fitted with snap-tight and soft-sealing eartips which are a right fit for individual ears and ensuring them comfortable fit when used for an extended period. All this was not available with other models so littmann remains the first choice for medical practitioners all over the world.

Next-generation tubing

The instrument comes with a resilient next-generation tubing which will maintain its shape and flexibility even when folded and kept into pocket. Further, it comes with superior resistance to skin oils and dirt, giving you value for money. So, you can clearly check littmann classic iii price and order one for yourself and redefine auscultation.


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