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Why Is Anavar PCT Necessary After A Cycle?

Candice Dickerson December 16, 2017 Health care Comments Off on Why Is Anavar PCT Necessary After A Cycle?
Why Is Anavar PCT Necessary After A Cycle?

Many steroids need post cycle therapy or PCT to help the body recover its natural functional rhythm. PCT is necessary especially, when natural testosterone production gets suppressed or the effects may be damaging on the liver.

Anavar and testosterone

Is Anavar PCT regimen needed after the use of this fat burning agent is stopped? The answer to this question is confusing. Some believe that PCT is not required after using Anavar. It is less suppressive compound than other steroids, so much safer. The fact that at low dosage there is no aromatization and conversion to estrogen, so there is no hindrance in natural testosterone production.

Natural testosterone production gets suppressed with high doses of anabolic and androgenic steroids, so the most effective PCT is needed to prevent testicular functions and liver toxicity. However, with Anavar high dosages mild PCT will be sufficient.

Anavar cycle and liver

Anavar’s molecular structure is altered and is formulated to bypass the liver without getting broken down. Anavar being mild can be well-tolerated but it increases the liver’s stress, which is not damaging at recommended dosages.

According to research, Anavar does not get totally metabolized like other 17AA steroids. Just 30% of drug gets excreted fully intact through the urine. Studies have proved that Anavar causes lowest liver stress in comparison to other tested steroids. This means PCT after Anavar cycle is not crucial like other steroids.

Anavar pills of 20 mg generated 72% low level stress than Fluoxymesterone of same dosage. Both substances are altered similarly so many athletes feel more at ease in using Anavar. It is obvious that Anavar is mild but has the potential to damage liver, which should not be ignored.

Is it helpful to use Anavar as bridge for steroid cycles?

Opinions about Anavar in steroid bridging are different. Bridging is essential to maintain hard earned muscle mass, during the cycle. Cycling is crucial to decrease the negative steroid effect followed by post cycle therapy.

Anabolic steroids root some side effects like testosterone production suppression, cholesterol level alteration, and liver toxicity.

Anavar is mild and can be used as an alternative between stronger steroid cycles. Thus the use of Anavar will be for prolonged period and studies display that side effects have high possibility to occur. Even though liver is protected from C17 alpha alkylation effects but long use can change lipid profile. Good cholesterol gets decreased and bad ones increase posing threat to cardiovascular disease.

It is wise to use non-hormonal anabolic steroid instead of anabolic steroid.


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