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Why do You Need a Full Body Medical Exam?

Ann Valdes May 25, 2017 Health Comments Off on Why do You Need a Full Body Medical Exam?
Why do You Need a Full Body Medical Exam?

A full body medical exam is one of the most critical elements of your annual health assessment. This is the time when your physician gives you a physical takes a measure of your body, inside and out, to determine if there are any areas you should be concerned about, signs of illnesses, or red flags for your health ahead.

It is also an opportunity for you to sit down with your doctor and ask questions that have been worrying you about your health. If you’re trying to make lifestyle changes, want to live longer, or simply have specific healthy living goals you’d like to achieve, this is also the time to address those changes and come up with a healthy living plan of action together.

Why are Wellness Checks So Important?

If you only visit your doctor when you are ill, your doctor doesn’t have a healthy baseline to compare your health from year to year with. Annual physicals are important for providing a more comprehensive image of your overall health. Not to mention that when you visit the doctor for an illness, the appointment focuses on the symptoms you are having and how to treat or manage your specific illness. There is little time to devote to long-term health and wellness during these types of appointments.

The best employee wellness programs in Canada stress the importance of full body medical examinations annually because they allow your physician to see changes in your body and in your health from year to year. This provides a timeline of changes that are taking place within your body and can be a first sign of chronic health conditions or potential speed bumps on your road to better health.

For instance, if you come in annually for your health assessment, your doctor might notice a sharp rise in your blood pressure – even if it falls within the upper limits of the normal range. Because it is high for you, this might prompt further investigation to see if you might be under stress, have exerted yourself prior to the visit, or if you may be exhibiting early signs of high blood pressure. If you haven’t been receiving annual health assessments, this might not prompt the investigation and you could find yourself in hot water, health-wise, by the time you discover you actually have high blood pressure in need of intervention.

The bottom line is that your annual executive health check up is incredibly important for helping you to maintain your good health and setting out on a path to improve your health overall. This alone makes it one of the most important wellness benefits for employees a business can offer. It is also one that far too few executives take advantage of. When exploring options for corporate wellness programs in Canada don’t forget to look for programs that take executive health screening, like executive health physicals and annual medical examinations, seriously. These are good signs that the entire organization is as dedicated to the good health and conditioning of your employees as you are.

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