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Why cocaine usage is dangerous and how to test it?

Carol Gilmore July 18, 2019 Health Comments Off on Why cocaine usage is dangerous and how to test it?
Why cocaine usage is dangerous and how to test it?

Cocaine is a recreational drug that is commonly used to experience intense pleasure. Cocaine is also known as crack or coke. Using and possession of Cocaine is considered illegal and punishable by the law. Most countries have strict and rigid laws in place to deter usage of any form of recreational drugs like Cocaine.

How is cocaine made?

Cocaine, a dangerous manufactured from the leaves of the plant called Coco, found in South America. The manufacturing process of cocaine includes the usage of toxic substance like gasoline.  The drug is available in the market in powder form. Dealers and manufacturers cut cocaine with adulterate to enhance its effect. Use of adulterates in cocaine manufacturing destroys its purity level.

Why is Cocaine usage considered as dangerous?

Cocaine consumption has many short and long term side effects on the health of a person. Cocaine contains a substance that enhances the dopamine level in the brain, making it highly addictive. Cocaine users experience intense energy and alertness in the body. Loss of appetite and paranoid feeling are a couple of short term effects of usage.

Long term usage of cocaine causes serious health problems. Heart attacks, HIV, seizures, lung damage, and nosebleeds are few diseases we see in cocaine users. Continuous usage of Cocaine affects mental health and capacity of a person to lead an active life.  Cocaine users have destroyed their life leaving behind their career and loved ones.

How to test the purity of Cocaine?

Cocaine is a white crystalline powder making it’s identifying harder. The best way to determine whether or not the sample contains cocaine is by testing it.  The cocaine purity test can be conducted easily by using testing kits available in the market. These kits are manufactured by reputed companies making it reliable. The danger associated with cocaine has led to the invention of a portable test that detects and determines the purity level of the drug. A number of test kits are available in the market, but investing a reputed and easy to use kit is recommended.

Most of the test kits work in a similar manner; they come with a user guide. A step by step instruction present in the kit helps in conducting the test.  For testing the purity, take a small portion of the sample and dissolve it the liquid solution given in the kit. Presence of cocaine will be visible when the solution changes its color. The color of the solution depends on the purity level of the sample. Generally, testing kits contain a color sample sheet to compare and determine the purity level.

What happens if cocaine purity is not tested?

Consumption of cocaine itself is hazardous to the health and well being of an individual. Even when a person starts using it occasionally, cocaine is a drug that contains substance making it addictive. It is dangerous, powerful and illegal stimulation available in the market. Tough the usage of cocaine is illegal, people continue to take it.

Cocaine, when combined with other substance, can be risky and toxic. Dealer use adulterates to cut cocaine, some of which is not designed for human consumption. Hence not testing the purity of cocaine can lead the user to experience vast health problems.

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