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What is Laser hair removal?

Marsha Williams April 15, 2017 Health Comments Off on What is Laser hair removal?
What is Laser hair removal?

Hair is a natural substance which appears on almost every one’s body.  Originally this feature was to help humans stay warm.  However, with modern housing and central heating this is no longer an issue.

This has led to the idea of hair free skin.  Women are generally expected to be hair free whilst men get to retain their hair.  The exception is sports people; even sports men remove the hair from their bodies to help them move faster.

There are several ways of removing the hair from your skin but one of the most popular is laser hair removal.  This practice removes your hair permanently and is almost painless.  However, it must be completed by a professional business, such as Canada MedLaser Clinic.

This leads to the question of what is actually involved in laser hair removal.

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The Assessment

The first step is to be assessed.  Whilst laser hair removal can be effective for anyone you will see the best results if you have darker or coarser hair.  The thickness of your hair will also play a part in deciding how many treatments you will need.

The Appointment

Once you have seen the specialist and are happy with the process and the effects you can have your first appointment.  It is best to choose a small area for your first session just in case there are any adverse reactions.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser is directed at your skin and emits several different wavelengths.  These wavelengths are designed to be attracted to hair pigmentation; this is why it targets the hair follicles, or roots, instead of your skin cells.  This attraction is based on the same principles as why the sun is attracted to dark clothing first.

The wavelengths hit the hair follicles and destroy them.  It is not possible for them to regenerate.

After your Appointment

Once you have had the treatment you will notice there are more hairs than normal on your skin.  This is actually the stem of the hair; with the follicle destroyed you body will naturally push the hair stem out of itself.  It will see it as an infection.  Over a short space of time all the stems will come out of your skin; leaving your skin smoother.

It is important to note that, despite the fact the laser is very effective, it will not get every hair follicle on the first attempt.  You will need to return after between four and eight weeks to have the next treatment.  This will continue until all the hair follicles have been removed from your skin.  This process can take up to eighteen months!

Taking longer will provide better results than attempting to destroy all the hair follicles in one go.  In addition this method has been shown to be more effective when dealing with strong hair follicles.  This is also the cheapest way of having laser hair removal.

There are other ways to remove the unwanted hair from your body but laser hair removal is the most effective.  


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