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What is Kefir and what is?

Ryan Rowlett March 23, 2018 Health Comments Off on What is Kefir and what is?
What is Kefir and what is?

The first thing to know about kefir is also known as Bulgarian. When you hear or read about Kefir or Bulgarian, you are hearing or reading about the same thing.

The water kefir and kefir milk. Both are popular drinks today. Both Bulgarian Bulgarian milk and water are drinks that provide an infinite number of nutrients, including vitamin B, vitamin K, and amino acids. But it is said that the benefits of Kefir back to centuries ago in the history of Europe.

Kefir is a drink made from milk containing probiotics. Some experts say that thanks to these properties of Kefir, the inhabitants of the Caucasus mountains in eastern Europe, who said they discovered kefir, came to live very long lives.

Among the benefits of Kefir we can find that relieves constipation, improves digestion, restores the intestinal flora and mucosa of the stomach, among many other benefits of kefir or Bulgarian.

Kefir not only has its liquid form, there are also yogurt kefir. Bulgarian yogurt (remember Kefir and Bulgarian are the same thing) has a very similar to yogurt we commonly see today in the establishments and their taste can be a little acid consistency.

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Kefir properties are varied, but the main property kefir, which makes it a highly recommended food is the presence of positive bacteria in their consistency. The most beneficial bacteria to the human body, particularly the gastrointestinal tract present in kefir, is known as the probiotic lactobacilli.

Probiotics are bacteria that live in our intestines complying wonderful functions, all linked to health. Why kefir is recommended for almost any kind of problem we have with the intestinal flora.

Kefir benefits are tailored to the needs and conditions of each person. If you are lactose intolerant for example, it would be advisable for you take kefir Kefir water instead of milk.

Kefir has different ways to prepare, so the water kefir, kefir milk and yogurt kefir are not your only presentations. Today, kefir is a nutritious and healthy food, with extensive medicinal benefits that make it a food that increasingly gives more to talk about.

Because of the numerous benefits of kefir, it has become very famous, so now there  whole host of recipes from Kefir. If you think the water kefir or kefir milk are not your thing, try notlet the endless list of recipes from Kefir every day grows more and more.

Among the most notable different recipes we can mention Kefir: Kefir Cake, Pie Bulgarian, sauce and cheese Kefir Kefir spreads.

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