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Weight loss in bodybuilding using Clen: about diets and workouts

Weight loss in bodybuilding using Clen: about diets and workouts

Bodybuilding and losing weight are closely related industries that complement each other.

Weight loss in bodybuilding is based on several basic principles, the understanding of which frees you from the knowledge of many particulars:

The principle of energy shortage. For weight loss, calorie expenditure must exceed their intake. This result can be achieved using:

Diets. Diet reduction Example: the daily calorie intake for your body is 2500 units. Now you consume 2800-3000 calories daily, which leads to weight gain. To start losing weight, you need to create a deficit of 300-500 calories – reduce consumption to 2000-2200 units per day. Losing weight with one diet is associated with physical discomfort, a constant feeling of hunger.

Training sessions. Increases in energy expenditure. In the framework of the same example, due to the combination of strength and aerobic training, we increase energy expenditures to 3000-3300 units. Spending exceeds consumption, a person begins to lose weight. This path involves the need to train a lot and often (within the framework of this example). If you consume approximately as much as you spend (the weight of the last 4-8 weeks is stable) – losing weight through training is the best method of body shaping.

Workout and nutrition correction. The best way to lose weight with Clenbuterol in USA. A little, almost imperceptibly we cut a diet, and we begin to train. It looks like this: we take 400 units from 2800 calories. We burn another 300 units on average through training. We go to the figure “2000” at the norm (to maintain the current weight) of 2500 units. Due to this, we start the process of losing weight.

The main thing is to create an energy deficit. Training is good because it speeds up the metabolism, which is reflected in an increase in the daily caloric value. Conditionally: before the start of training, without taking into account the increase in energy costs and other factors, your metabolic rate showed a rate of 2500 calories per day. After 2 weeks of training, 2700 calories.

The principle of progression of loads in bodybuilding. Training stress should constantly increase – this is the key to rapid weight loss and bringing the body into optimal shape. At each (permissible – once every 2-4 training, depending on the capabilities of the body) training increase the load. Add new exercises, weights, sets and reps. Do not be afraid: in your sensations the severity of the training will not increase. The body will gradually get used to each load taken. After six months, the feeling of squats with a 60 kg bar will be equal to what you are experiencing now when doing squats with 20 kg.

The principle of combination.

Weight loss in bodybuilding is a combination of power and aerobic load. We train various body systems, different muscle fibers and burn maximum calories for quickest progress.

The principle of gradualness. No need to wonder how to lose weight in a week, and then wonder why the lost kilos returned so quickly. Weight loss in bodybuilding is a gradual, but long-term weight loss, for which you need to wait time. We all want quick results, but do not want to understand that 30 kilograms of fat that have been accumulated over 30 years will not leave you in a week or a month. Those men and women who rush into training without a system, without preparation, very quickly drop classes. The load must be increased gradually. Otherwise, there is an increase in the level of cortisol – a stress hormone, the effect of which drives the athlete into apathy, depression and depression for a period of 1 to 3 weeks. Training should be approached gradually in order to lose weight permanently, and not for 1 week.

The principle of pleasure. Training should be fun. Over time, when you begin to notice the result of training, working on yourself will turn into one of the main pleasures in life. The thing is the so-called incentive system in the brain, which rewards a person for beneficial actions with the hormones of pleasure. In the first days of training, when the result is not yet noticeable, the body may perceive training as something harmful due to the destruction of the usual way of life. The process of getting used to training, and the beginning of obtaining significant pleasure from them, takes from 2 to 4 weeks. In order not to give up ahead of time, and get not only a cool figure, but also a favorite hobby – read this and these sections before starting workouts.

When and how much to train? Training stages

There are no exact recommendations regarding the frequency of weight loss workouts. Tentatively – 3-4 workouts per week. This figure is not related to your individual characteristics. To understand how often you need to train, we divide the training process into 4 stages:

Traumatization of muscle fibers is a training during which the trained tissues of the body are injured. In training, muscles are destroyed, not grown! The level of cortisol increases, which must be reduced during the recovery process. Fans of everyday training should understand that their body does not have time to recover, and a high level of stress hormones leads to:

The end of training after a few weeks. You simply don’t have the energy to continue.

Desire to lower cortisol with food.

Hence the surprise in the style of “I train so much, but not losing weight.”

Recovery. Muscles, hormonal and nervous systems are restored. The water-salt balance is replenished, the violation of which threatens the bodybuilder with edema. Muscle pain is the main companion to the recovery phase. You cannot train at this stage!

Supercompensation. The body is shocked by the new load. In order to overcome this shock and not get it again if a similar training is repeated, a “reserve” of muscles is created, the tone of the nervous system is increased. At this stage, you need to observe the principle of progression of the loads and conduct the training. This increases the efficiency of training in the gym to the maximum.

Loss of supercompensation. In the absence of training in the phases of supercompensation, loss of supercompensation occurs – muscles and other body systems return to the pre-training state.

You need to train only in the supercompensation phase!

Over time, you will learn how to independently determine the best moment for training. So far, focus on the following “symptoms”:

The muscle group you plan to train should not be sick. The athlete should not be uncomfortable. At the same time, muscles that will not train in the upcoming training session may hurt. Muscle pain is a sign of a recovery phase.

The thought of training is not disgusting. Beginners often shock their psyche too much, which leads to nervous exhaustion, psychological fatigue. It is important not to confuse fatigue with laziness.

The optimal training frequency for the average beginner is to work on the muscle group every 4-6 days. Be guided by these terms when drawing up the program for weight loss. Small muscles (biceps, triceps, deltas, abs) can be trained more often.

Diet for weight loss

Before familiarizing yourself with your first weight loss program, you need to understand: training in the gym is only 50% success. No matter how you plow in the gym, if after training you move to McDonald’s for the next 5 hours, and sweep away all the fast food in its path – there will be no weight loss.

Athletes who work on a figure in the gym do not have to strictly limit their diet. Everything rests on calorie content, on the balance between waste and energy.

Use the following guidelines to increase weight loss and improve health:

Start counting calories. Find out your daily energy intake, and based on the figure, adjust the diet. Do not make significant changes during the first week. Weigh in and then record the calories of each day for 7 days in a row. After a week, summarize the numbers and divide the amount by 7. The result of the division is the average calorie content of your diet over the past week. Get on the scales. Weight has decreased by more than 2 kilograms – do not change anything in the diet. You can only heal it. Less than 2 kilograms, but more than 1 kilogram – subtract 200 calories from your current diet. Consume an average of 200 calories less each day. Weight has decreased, but less than 1 kilogram – take 350 calories. Weight has not decreased – 450 calories. Increased by less than a kilogram – 550 calories. Increased by more than a kilogram – 650 calories. More than 2 kilograms – 750. More than 4 kilograms – 900. With a probability of 95%, your weight will not increase after the start of training. The exception is the case when, after training, the “bodybuilder” goes to conquer fast food. Changing calorie intake in this way is the best way to lose weight.

Get rid of harmful, high-calorie foods. Exclude only the most harmful. Fast food, high-calorie sweets, fried foods, other high-calorie foods – start in that order. It is not necessary to give up everything at once, but one, the most harmful product, must be excluded. Replace it with one useful product. Continue making replacements until you are comfortable on a healthy diet.

Add low-calorie protein foods of animal origin. Low-fat fish or meat is the best option. Chicken breast or pollock are healthy, low-calorie and tasty sources of protein. Use seasoning to add flavor. An alternative to meat and fish is low-fat kefir or cottage cheese.

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet. They will become a full substitute for junk food. Vegetables and fruits – a source of fiber, the consumption of which helps to speed up the metabolism, increase the rate of weight loss.

Change the proportion of BJ. The ratio of nutrients is important for the formation of the correct structure of the figure. The correct BJ ratio is to get 25% of calories from protein, 25% from fat, and 50% from carbohydrates. A deviation of plus or minus 5 percent for each of the nutrients is permissible. Do not allow a situation in which the ratio of nutrients in your diet will look like 15:50:35 – this is how the majority eats. A lot of unhealthy fats (mainly from fried foods, fast food), a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates and an almost complete absence of healthy proteins in the diet. This is a bad “fuel”, which leads to poor health and the formation of a fat, sagging figure.

Keep track of the water-salt balance. Weigh yourself in the morning and evening. If during the day, weight fluctuations reach 2 kilograms – you have swelling. Edema is the result of a violation of the water-salt balance in the body. Almost always, this is due to insufficient consumption of pure water (not tea, not coffee, not juice) and high consumption of salt. Less commonly, the opposite is true. When there is too much water and no salt. Need a balance that allows you to get rid of the edematous appearance and a few extra pounds.

Use sports nutrition if you do not have enough time to prepare protein dishes. The basis for weight loss is protein and amino acids, which nourish the body with energy, preserve muscles and have a beneficial effect on the weight loss process. Protein and amino acids can be obtained from regular foods. But with a lack of time for cooking, it is advisable to use sports nutrition. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar words! Protein and amino acids are completely safe supplements. These are not steroids that cause undeniable harm to the body.

Weight loss in bodybuilding is associated with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Use the principles of healthy lifestyle and healthy eating if you want to accelerate progress. Changing the diet can be uncomfortable for the first 2-3 weeks. Junk food triggers the release of the dopamine hormone, which makes your brain think of a delicious burger or juicy fried potato. In the first weeks of a diet change, dopamine levels decrease. Then, the sensitivity of dopamine receptors decreases, and lower dopamine levels are perceived as high. There is no need to consume junk food. It is important to understand that it’s not you who want to eat junk food, but your internal reward system that attracts to high-calorie foods due to evolutionary error. More recently, high-calorie food intake has been equivalent to survival. Now there is no hunger, we live in an age of abundance of food, but the reward system works according to old principles. The consequence – instead of eating our norm, we consume a little more – in case of hunger. This leads to obesity worldwide.

Do not give up healthy fats. The intake of healthy fats should be at the level of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. Girls with low fat intake disrupt the hormonal system. CDs disappear, problems with women’s health begin. Low-fat diets are also dangerous for men – problems with the hormonal system are expressed in a decrease in testosterone levels, a decrease in masculinity, energy and libido. Sources of healthy fats: oily fish, eggs, meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, oils (raw). Choose at least 2-3 sources of healthy fats and include them in your diet on an ongoing basis.

Use the one day rule. This is a way to deceive the psyche, which is afraid to go in a new direction for a long time. Tell yourself: “Today I am eating right, and tomorrow – whatever happens.” Repeat the same the next day. The psyche sees the immediate goal – to eat right today, and allocates resources for the implementation of this short-term task. With such an installation, losing weight is easier than with the thought that you will have to eat properly for a week, a month or a lifetime.

Continue to progress within the framework of these schemes until the result is completely satisfactory to you.

Bodybuilding for weight loss is a progression of the load by increasing the number of exercises, approaches and repetitions. An additional method of progression of loads is a gradual reduction in rest. Progression of loads by increasing the weight of the projectile is a way to build muscle, but not the best option for losing weight.

Choose the weight with which you can do the specified number of sets and reps. In exercises such as squats or push-ups on the bars, it is permissible to use a simulator that compensates for part of the athlete’s weight, or an elastic band for pull-ups, which can cope with similar goals.

This program is more suitable for men. Women need to increase the number of exercises on the lower body, add aerobic exercise, and reduce the load on the upper body. Reducing the rate of progress is a necessary tool for women who do not have the level of male hormones that will allow them to build up the load as quickly as men.

The speed of progress can be reduced by 2-4 times. It is permissible to engage in one program for a month. The speed of progress depends on many individual data, including:

Age. A 16-year-old will lose weight much faster than a 65-year-old man.

Lifestyle. The healthier, the more correct, the faster the progress.

Floor. Men progress faster than women.

Recovery. Balanced nutrition, proper sleep.

Genetics. People who are adapted to physical activity will progress more slowly than men and women who are able to sit on the couch and kitchen.

Adapt programs to your goals. The main thing is to grasp the principles of their construction, to understand how weight loss in bodybuilding becomes possible.

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