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Uses of the best water flosser

Ann Valdes July 25, 2017 Health Comments Off on Uses of the best water flosser
Uses of the best water flosser

There have been changes in the oral and dental care industry in the recent past. Apart from treatments, orthodontic experts have been stressing on the importance of daily dental care as well to their patients. It is quite pleasing to see more and more people taking dental care seriously these days. They insist on trying out the latest oral care appliances to ensure that their teeth and gums are cleaned thoroughly. Electric toothbrushes, water flosser, mouthwashes, etc. are some of these appliances that are in vogue today. Of these, the water flosser is quite underrated. Nevertheless, it plays a big role in removing food particles from your mouth completely, by using a rapid movement of water. Here, we are going to tell you the advantages of the best water flosser, why it is needed and how to use it effectively.

Water Flosser-Meaning

As the name suggests, this is a dental care appliance which helps you floss thoroughly after every meal. When food particles get stuck inside the corner or sides of your teeth and gums, it is difficult to floss them out. Most of the people don’t take efforts to take them out. As a result, these get accumulated on your teeth leading to tar and plaque problems. Over a period of time, these can result in bad breath, tooth decay and severe gum infections. The water flosser safeguards you from all these. It uses an reservoir which is filled with water. There is a pipe attached to this reservoir and the other end should be inside your mouth. Connect the flosser to a plug and switch it on. The water from the reservoir passes through the pipe and eventually enters your mouth. It starts moving rapidly because it is controlled by different pressure settings. This high-pressure water movement ensures that the smallest of food particles is completely flossed out your mouth.

Uses of water flosser

When you the best water flosser, you stimulate your gums and clean them thoroughly at all the corners and sides. This cannot be done in the traditional brushing or flossing methods. If food particles are left inside your mouth, it can cause disturbances in your gums and leading to problems like gingivitis. When this is not corrected in the initial stages, it can lead to a severe problem called periodontitis, which is a condition that denotes the loss of bones in gums and loss of stability in the teeth and areas surrounding it.  Using a water flosser regularly can save you from these severe gum diseases. It is the best appliance you can ever find if you want to clean your gums and teeth thoroughly.

Using it the right way

For the water flosser to perform to its maximum potential, you must it correctly. Use lukewarm water in the reservoir and pour a few drops of mouthwash in it, if you want to get rid of bad breath problems. Once you have placed the tip of the pipe in your mouth, close your lips tightly and lean over the sink so that you can avoid the problem of water splashing all over. Use the right kind of pressure for best results.

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