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The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Candice Dickerson October 1, 2016 Health Comments Off on The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga
The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga may be one of the most popular fitness trends in the west today, but the Ancient practice has been providing its health benefits for several thousand years. Most experts would agree that yoga dates back at least 5,000 years but some argue that it could have been around much longer—even twice as far back—but the records were lost.

Regardless of when the systems of yoga first came to be developed, the way we understand it today provides many people all over the world with amazing health benefits that they swear they can only get from yoga.

And if you try it, you might just agree. Yoga uses a combination of strategic stretching and calculated breathing that can accomplish so much more than traditional Western exercise, alone.Image result for The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Here are some of the great benefits you might find at a Euro-spa retraite de yoga:


Breathing and stretching, of course, improve flexibility but yoga actually does so much more than that.  Also often considered a form of relaxation technique, yoga can lessen all kinds of chronic pain, as well. This can include: carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and headaches.

Of course, there are many other physical benefits of yoga:

    • increased flexibility, of course
    • reduced chronic pain, of course
    • increased muscle strength
    • reduced weight
    • increased muscle tone
    • reduced injury risk
    • increase energy
    • improve overall vitality
    • improve respiratory function
    • improve athletic performance
    • improve cardiovascular health
    • balance metabolism


Perhaps even more important than its physical benefits, yoga also offers remarkable benefits to your mental state. Everyone experiences stress; and while stress certainly takes its toll on the physical body, it also does a number on mental health as well.  Unfortunately, dealing with mental [and emotional[ health is not as easy as working out, like it would be when dealing with physical health.

As such, yoga provides these mental health benefits too:

    • improve mental clarity
    • reduce chronic stress patterns
    • increase calmness
    • relax the mind/improve focus
    • center attention
    • sharpen concentration
    • improve calmness
    • increase your physical awareness


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