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The best Ways in Penis Enlargement

The best Ways in Penis Enlargement

On the other Pole is not satisfied with the size of his member, most dream of larger and fatter birth. Interestingly, slightly fewer women have similar expectations of their partners. That is why men more and more often decide to enlarge their penis, and aesthetic medicine meets them. One needs surgery, others need penis enlargement exercises. The penis enlargement pills are perfect in this task.

The size of the penis has been an obsession for men and an indicator of their masculinity for centuries. Meanwhile, as many as half of men in Poland have a small member complex, although this is a more psychological than physiological problem, because according to sexologists’ studies, the average penis size of a Pole, which is 11-15 cm at the moment of erection (although some say 11-17 cm) in the norm provided for the white European population. Interestingly, for 90 percent of women more important than the length of a member is their circumference. This is due to the fact that most receptors are located on the lateral walls of the vagina, the thicker member, for example, allows for greater stimulation of the G point, which is located on the anterior wall of the cervix.

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There is of course a group of men with a small penis who have experienced anatomical disorders. That is why it is good to consult your urologist Brooklyn New York or andrologist with any doubt you have. The more that the complexes of a small member can affect sex life and lead to various inhibitions and phobias. With developmental defects, the doctor may decide on penis lengthening surgery. Some men use penis lengthening exercises or opt for aesthetic medicine.

Penis lengthening

Surgical penis lengthening is extremely rare. The two-hour procedure takes place under general anesthesia and allows the member to be lengthened by 2-3 cm, measured in the state of relaxation (in erectile state the member can only increase by 1 cm). During the operation, the surgeon loosens the ligaments that attach the cavernous bodies to the pubic bone, which allows the member to extend further out. For the first month after surgery, a man must avoid sexual contact. The operation has many opponents, because it does not give 100% guarantee of achieving the desired effect.

Penis enlargement with silicone and laser

The penis circumference of Poles is between 8.8-11 cm and there are several ways to increase it. Silicone can be injected into the penis, but the side effect of this method may be a lack of sensation in the penis, and may also be associated with scarring of the subcutaneous tissue. The patient may also be injected with fat being sucked out of another place on the body. Your own adipose tissue is considered the safest type of filler, and the hourly procedure, performed under local anesthesia, is low invasive (convalescence lasts only 5 days). The effect can satisfy the patient, the volume of the penis can increase by up to half, and the length by 10-20 percent. However, you must remember that some of the fat can be absorbed in a year, at most two years.

The member size can also be changed using a laser treatment. The so-called. MISL procedure is performed under light anesthesia and consists in lengthening the penis by breaking the ligaments with a laser, which causes it to extend outwards. In addition, the penis thickens with the patient’s own fat. Sexual activity is possible one week after surgery.

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