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Synthetic Urine: A Game Changer In Drug Testing

Carol Gilmore August 16, 2017 Drugs Comments Off on Synthetic Urine: A Game Changer In Drug Testing
Synthetic Urine: A Game Changer In Drug Testing

In the recent years, employers have made it a habit of conducting random and regular drug tests on employees and this has in turn led to loss of jobs for those who are caught off-guard. Also, it is now a habit that just before you get hired, the potential employer seeks to have you go through a drug test. This means that if you enjoy being high on a regular, then you might just loose an opportunity of a lifetime in that organization you have always wanted to go in case you fail the test.

However, just as employers are busy trying to make you go through the tests, ways of cheating the tests are being introduced and also improvised. There is the traditional method and most common which involves using someone else’s urine for your test. This has become so common such that supervisors are now strict and do a thorough check just before you get into the washroom. There is also the aspect of drinking a lot of water so as to dilute the urine and this has worked but the urine becomes so clear and one might have to do the test again.

Synthetic Urine

The use of synthetic urine can be said to be a game changer in drug test cheating. Synthetic urine is also referred to as dehydrated urine and is formulated to resemble normal human urine. Most of the drug tests look for the temperature, pH, creatine, uric acid, urea and excessive nitrates. These are all properties of the synthetic urine and thus almost passes as real urine unless the labs are highly sophisticated and can then detect if the urine is synthetic.

Mostly, taking the test requires that you have to go to the toilet and collect a urine sample in a container. This is where the synthetic urine kit comes into play and it has gained so much popularity such that companies are now manufacturing it and it is retailing at around 30 dollars. Once you have attained a kit, your only job is to first get through the supervisor during inspection just before you enter the toilet hoping that you will be having a private session. Being supervised even in the toilet ruins your chance of using the kit.

Once in the washroom, your only task is to activate the heater and have it around the urine vial until it reaches the normal temperature for urine, which is about 95◦F, then put it in the collection cup. This will be hardest task and then you will just hope that the lab will not test whether the urine is synthetic or not. In most cases, once you pass the normal tests, the lab will declare your urine to be as clean and thus you should not have to worry about anything.


In any case, if they suspect you have used synthetic urine, it buys you more time to cleanse your system and by the time they schedule for another test, you will be clean for the job of your dreams.

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