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Signing Up For a Better Life through the Stages of Recovery

Carol Gilmore August 31, 2018 Health Comments Off on Signing Up For a Better Life through the Stages of Recovery
Signing Up For a Better Life through the Stages of Recovery

Addictions wreck havoc, they have dangerous consequences for individuals and everyone who is close to them. It is problematic as it destroys lives of the ones suffering from addiction as well as their families. It severely affects the physical health, a professional sphere of work and as well as financial and familial aspects of the individual. Most individuals deny early signs of addiction, and they keep spiraling down until they hit the bottom pit and everything is at the verge of ending. It is essential to understand that it is never too late to seek help and assistance. Seeking help should not be a matter of shame; it is understandable and better than living in the pit hole of depression. There are stages of recovery through which the individual addict rises to relive a proper life.

It is very important that individuals understand that recovery and medication occur in stages, it will take time, but also through all this time, the individual needs to keep trust, belief and continue with the steps and processes.

There are crucial recovery stages that almost all substance addicts may go through during the process. These are

  • Treatment initiation:


It is the first step towards a better tomorrow, and individual patients work together, alongside with professionals and experts. They do not work on themselves alone; there are groups and personal therapies that are best for the individual during the period. Most of the times this stage includes the process of detoxification, which is essential in the process of recovery for addicts and drug users.

  • Early abstinence:


Individuals, who are addicts once if they have thought to walk on the path of sobriety, perceive this to be one of the most challenging stages. There might be times of craving, triggers and more. They may as well during the period have severe mental conditions like slipping into depression, having anxiety and anger issues. This is an extremely challenging phase; there might be intense cravings, an array of triggers and more. There are one on one sessions and therapeutic help during this period.

  • Maintaining abstinence:


Individuals after a long-term of approximately ninety days of early abstinence period move into maintaining abstinence. It is when individuals need to lead the path of sobriety, try returning to regular life without using the substance. They can even become outpatients and continue with the therapies and processes and during the period try reliving the old regular life again in a sober way.

  • Advanced Recovery:


This stage comes after almost five years of abstinence period. It is during this period individuals have recovered to a great extent, and are leading an otherwise normal life. Some of them still speak to their therapists, but have a much better experience and are happier.

If one is an addict, they must know that recovery is possible, but all they need is to go through the time and believe in themselves and the processes.

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