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Coffee Drinking in Evansville: Can it Rewire the Brains of Addicts

Ryan Rowlett August 9, 2016 Health Comments Off on Coffee Drinking in Evansville: Can it Rewire the Brains of Addicts
Coffee Drinking in Evansville: Can it Rewire the Brains of Addicts

Individuals struggling in Drug Rehab Evansville, Indiana, may be able to get a surprise bonus from their morning cup of coffee.  Coffee is a substance that surprisingly has many uses outside of just drinking it in the morning to wake up.  It has many different benefits, as well as some cons.  It has actually shown to benefit health in some areas as well, including reducing the risk for liver cancer, and may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.  So coffee drinkers could be getting more than what they bargained for in a good way when drinking their morning cup.

How Coffee Functions in the Body as a Substance

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant, which is a certain kind of drug in itself to a lesser degree.  When ingested, this substance is taken into the body and alters different substances in the brain, which produces the energy burst.  Just as with other drugs and alcohol, caffeine can create a dependency in the body explains Drug Rehabilitation Evansville doctors.  This is why individuals end up drinking coffee every day: it becomes relied on to wake up in the morning.  In comparison, someone who has an occasional cup of coffee on a day where they are more tired than usual are not necessarily going to need it the next day.  Their body has not come to rely on it yet, so can still function the next day without needing it to wake themselves.

Another realm that coffee could possibly be of assistance in is substance dependency.  With the way these patterns in the body are built, and the way drugs can create a dependency, the questions arises, would coffee be able to “rewire” the brains of addicts?  It is possible this could be of benefit to some individuals struggling with addictions by in a way “readjusting” their brain.  In fact, there was some research in which coffee was shown to block some of the changes brought on by cocaine in the body.  Daily Mail states in an article, “Cocaine stimulates the releases the happy hormone dopamine in the brain, which creates a euphoric feeling of reward, and can lead to addiction.  But caffeine affects the adenosine system, which is involved in promoting sleep and waking, by stimulating adenosine receptors.  Adenosine regulates dopamine levels in the brain, decreasing the symptoms of addiction.”  This could be a huge leap for helping people in getting over their cocaine addiction, depending on further research done, and possibly even help in the addiction to other drugs as well.

Finding the treatment center like the Drug Rehab Center in Evansville that will be a good fit for a struggling individual can sometimes be very difficult.  With so many centers of different types out there, it can be overwhelming at times to pick one.  We have the experience and knowledge of the treatment facilities around and can help you find the best private inpatient treatment center.  If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol in Evansville, Indiana, give us a call today.

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