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Race Walking Exercises: Stay Fitter and Healthier

Ann Valdes September 22, 2018 Fitness Comments Off on Race Walking Exercises: Stay Fitter and Healthier
Race Walking Exercises: Stay Fitter and Healthier

Research has shown that walking does boost your physical and mental health. Besides, it can also help you live longer by eliminating cardio diseases such as heart attacks. To stack up even more evidence, researchers have found out that, upping your walking speed can do you better. Ideally, walking at a faster pace means averaging at least six kilometers per hour.

Nonetheless, this hugely depends on your current fitness levels. If you feel yourself straining to the extent of getting out of breath, it is essential you slow down a bit.

Similarly, you need to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet regularly. Additionally, you can purchase performance enhancements which will help you shed excess fat quicker. Most importantly, performance enhancements should complement your training and daily meals.

When you picture yourself doing race walking along the streets, it may seem funny and will surely attract a couple of weird stares from many. However, what most people don’t know is race walking is a sport just like any other and is also part of the Olympics.

According to former competitors, race walking does have similar benefits as running. Besides that, you have a lesser chance of injuring yourself. Here is a detailed guide to race walking if you are into spicing up your training with a new activity.

Myths and Misconceptions

Usually, most people tend to think of race walking as merely walking through any race. However, that isn’t what race-walking is about, in fact, it is more fun and challenging. To sum it up it does cater to athletes of various abilities and ages.

Additionally, it provides solace for athletes who have been injured when competing in other sports and can no longer compete. This is significantly due to its low impact. However, to make it into the world of race walking, you must be able to understand the technique and the small detail that make it different from regular walking.

The Correct Race-Walking Form

To be decent race-walker, you need to understand the right format fully. More so because it is the necessary rule you have to follow during competitions. To race walk correctly, you need to keep one foot on the ground always. Not only that, you need to straighten your leg when your foot touches the ground.

Ideally, the main difference between race walking and regular walking is that your knees need be straight when you are switching strides. Additionally, you should swing your arms and shoulders to provide power.

Train Like A Runner

Training for walking race competition is similar to prepping for a running game. Basically, you will do similar speed and distance workouts blended with flexibility and strength training. The only significant difference is that you will do your exercises race walking rather than running. Also, your workouts will take a longer time than those of runners covering similar distances.

Still, on the same, you should prep yourself to do interval and long-distance walks to build up your speed and endurance levels. Not forgetting, ensure you rest well to enable your body to recover and build strength.

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