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Overview on Valerian Root Used for Anxiety

Overview on Valerian Root Used for Anxiety
treat psychological stress and anxiety

treat psychological stress and anxiety

Valerian is one kind of herb who is a native to Europe as well as different parts of Asia; it is mostly grown in North America. Its root is extracted to make medicine. Valerian is commonly used for the sleep disorders, particularly an inability to sleep. Valerian is also used orally for psychological stress and anxiety, however there’s limited research to support valerian root for anxiety. In manufacturing, oil and extracts made from the valerian can be used as the flavoring in beverages and foods.

Different Functions of Valerian Root

Valerian appears to act like the sedative on our nervous system and brain. Suppose you have experienced anxiety and have trouble in sleeping, probably you have thought of trying the herbal remedy to get some relief. The valerian root is one common ingredient that is sold in the dietary supplements. This claims to cure nervous tension and insomnia that is caused by anxiety. It is used for years as the herbal remedy. Valerian was used in the ancient Rome and Greece to ease:

  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Trembling

It is just what you want to finally get the good sleep. There’re many valerian root products available in the market. But amount of valerian present in every capsule differs widely. Here is more info about recommended valerian root dosage, valerian root overdose and potential health benefits.

Recommended valerian root dosage for sleep

Insomnia, an inability to sleep, affects over 1/3 of adults at least one time during their life. This will have the profound effect on person’s daily life and well-being. Based on available research, you can take 300 0 600 mg of valerian 30 mins to 2 hours before bedtime. It is said best for the sleep trouble or insomnia. For tea, just soak two to three grams of the dried herbal valerian in one cup of warm water for 10 – 15 minutes. Valerian seems to work amazing after taking this regularly for 2 and more weeks. Never take valerian for over a month without first consulting with your doctor.

Recommended valerian root dosage for anxiety

A person can take 120 0 200 mg, 3 times in a day and your last valerian root dose must be before bedtime. Recommended dosage of valerian root for anxiety is normally lower than dosage for insomnia. It is because taking the higher valerian root doses during a day will lead to the daytime sleepiness. Suppose you are sleepy during day time, it will make it hard for you to do your normal daytime routines.

Is having valerian root quite effective for sleep and anxiety?

Several clinical studies are done to test its safety and efficacy for sleep. The results are mixed: In a placebo-controlled study, women with insomnia had 300mg of the valerian extract 30 mins before bedtime for 2 weeks.

Women did not report any significant improvements in onset and quality of sleep. In the same way, review found that many clinical trials on valerian root did not show any differences between the valerian root & placebo on sleep. Both the studies were performed in healthy people and people having insomnia.

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