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Morton’s Neuroma And How It’s Treated

Clare Louise December 23, 2017 Health Comments Off on Morton’s Neuroma And How It’s Treated
Morton’s Neuroma And How It’s Treated

Podiatrists have a huge role in our life, because they take care of our feet, and it is our job to visit and schedule appointments on time. Feeling any kind of feet pain is not a normal thing especially if it does not go away in a day or it occurs without a reason. In this case, you might want to visit your podiatrist, and a good suggestion would be to visit

The diagnosis

Today, there are many feet conditions that can cause us to feel pain on a daily basis, which is why a regular visit to a podiatrist is very important. During your exam, your podiatrist will try to determine if you have a tender spot or a mass by pressing on your foot. This might also feel like a ‘clicking’ sensation between the bones.

This condition can cause a lot of pain

Imaging tests

There are a few of these tests that you might require since some of them are more useful than others, but that does not always have to be like that:

  1. X-rays

You have probably heard about these imaging tests at least in a movie, or you might have even had one yourself. Your doctor will probably order an X-ray of your foot, just to rule out other possible causes of your feet pain; like the stress fracture.

  1. Ultrasound

With this technology, you will get real-time images of internal structures that are created using the sound waves. This imaging test is quite good when the doctor wants to reveal the abnormalities of the soft tissue, like the neuroma.

  1. MRI, magnetic resonance imaging

By using the radio waves and a strong magnetic field, this method is also a good option for visualizing the soft tissue. However, it is an expensive test and many times it can show neuromas in patients who are not showing any of the usual symptoms.

A more subtle approach will be used first


This all depends on the severity of your problem. If you want a second opinion, then you can look into how to treat Morton’s neuroma at ModPod Podiatry. In most cases, your doctor will recommend that you try a conservative approach first.


You will get a foot pad and an arch support that will fit inside your shoe, and this will help reduce the pressure on nerves. These kinds of orthotics are often purchased in any drug store, but in some cases, your doctor might want to prescribe a custom-made orthotics instead.

Surgical and other procedures

Usually, surgical procedures will be needed if you have a more severe case and if the conservative treatments have not helped. Your doctor might suggest one of the following:

  • Injections: some people will get an injection and that can make the pain go away quite easily.
  • Removal of the nerve. In other cases, you might need to have the nerve removed surgically if it is necessary, meaning if other treatments have failed. This surgery tends to be successful, but sometimes it does result in permanent numbness in our toes.
  • Decompression surgery. Surgeons sometimes believe that they can relive the pressure on the nerve if the cut nearby structures, like the ligaments that help connect the bones together in the foot.

Final word

The treatment you will need all deepens on you and your condition, as well as what your doctor thinks is necessary. But it is always a good idea that you visit your podiatrist on time, which means that if you feel like there is something wrong, don’t avoid the inevitable.

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