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Know Everything about Anadrol – the Most Potential Steroid Available in the Market

Ann Valdes November 10, 2016 Health Comments Off on Know Everything about Anadrol – the Most Potential Steroid Available in the Market
Know Everything about Anadrol – the Most Potential Steroid Available in the Market

Anadrol is one of the most potential anabolic muscle building steroids available in the market. It increases the nitrogen content in the body thereby increasing the production of red blood cells. It also increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the RBCs as it triggers more ATP production in the mitochondrial cells.

Nevertheless, you will feel less fatigued after exercise and you will experience reduced muscle recovery time. At the same time, your testosterone levels will remain unaffected. The best part of this steroid is that it is legal and it does not need any prescription. You can easily order it online or buy it over the counter at the drug stores.

Dosages – the success to muscle bulking

Typical anadrol dosages range within 50 – 100 mg per day depending on the user. If you are a new user you must start with small dosages and increase it over time. Additionally, it is very important to have a medical checkup before opting for this steroid.

It is recommended that you must take a professional guidance before starting the anadrol cycle. This is because your diet has to be perfect along with exercise chart. You can consult sports doctor or certified sports trainer for better results.

This is because it inhibits the aromtase enzymes and slows down the glucose production. Moreover, it boosts up the energy due to the excess glycogen. As a result, you body will not store any unnecessary carbohydrates. This in turn lowers down the water weight of the body. It does not use any muscle glucose for energy. Therefore, it retains the muscular strength very well.

Suggested usage

Anadrol is a typical male steroid and it is not recommended for women at all. Since it has no effect on the visceral fat, it cannot be used for spot fat reduction. This steroid is an overall approach towards fat reduction and muscle gain. Therefore, it is strictly not advised for feminine usage.

Males can reap the best effects, if it is taken along with aminos and vitamins. With proper nutrition and routine, you will gain muscle in a month’s time. Moreover, this steroid does not have any side effect. Neither it will affect your hormonal balance nor will you experience muscle loss after you have stopped using it.


Commonly, anadrol is available as a two month’s supply. However, depending upon your dosage it can also last for one month. As per the recent health and sports report, anadrol gives better results when taken along with meals. You can take it for three to six weeks depending on the cycle.


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