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    Know all the effects of Jet lag and how to tackle it

Candice Dickerson January 17, 2019 Health Comments Off on     Know all the effects of Jet lag and how to tackle it
       Know all the effects of Jet lag and how to tackle it

On one side working for a well-developed company is a significant achievement for any person who might be interested in holding a professional and respectable job. However, it also brings specific responsibilities. One of the most important aspects of working with a corporate firm is travelling to different places to conduct client meetings.

This may sometimes even be in other countries and even continents if your company regularly deals with international clients. Thus, the issues related to Jet lag are real and must be addressed. Let us now have a look at some of the effects of Jet lag.

  • Sleep disorder can affect the person who travels across various time zones.

  • It is basically a physiological condition that may last for several days to a week as well. It gets resolved as soon as the body gets adjusted to the new time zone and sleep time also matches with it.

  • The body clock is set at a particular time, and while travelling to different time zones, the body fails to adjust accordingly. This body adjustment may vary from person to person as everyone has different biological systems.

  • The effects caused by jet lag may involve loss of concentration, sudden annoyance, and insomnia. Whereas insomnia is a condition where you may face difficulty in falling asleep as per the time of the country you are in (for this case).

Different people may have a different approach on how to fight jet lag. This can have different remedies which are scientifically proven to lessen the effects of jet lag. The various steps which may be taken are:

  • No meals or light meals: If you want to tackle the situation that you might have to go through, you can consider not eating anything for 12 hours before the flight. And if you are amongst the foodies try sticking to light meals such as salads, fruits, and vegetables. This will help your body to adjust accordingly quickly.

  • Spending time under the sun without sunglasses, just after you land can also prove to be beneficial to reduce the effects of the situation.

  • Lack of exercise and physical activities may increase the time taken by your body to adjust. So exercising regularly can also play an essential role in making things easier for you.

So even if there’s a myth that jet lag can affect your performance if you are not taking preventive measures. You can easily find tips regarding how to fight a jet lag and hence maintain the consistency in your day as well as work life without facing many problems.

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