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How MSTQ is Emphasizing the Significance of Personal Development through Crowdfunding

Candice Dickerson March 6, 2018 Health Comments Off on How MSTQ is Emphasizing the Significance of Personal Development through Crowdfunding
How MSTQ is Emphasizing the Significance of Personal Development through Crowdfunding

Ideally, personal development is a lifelong process. We are constantly analyzing our skills, aims, goals, personality traits to become better at what we do and at understanding ourselves. No individual is ever “too old” to learn more about themselves.

The several benefits to focusing on personal development

As early as 1970, Maslow, a researcher stressed that all individuals have an in-built need for personal development, through a process called self-actualization. In the pyamid of human needs, the top tier is occupied by this very process.

One of the most important benefits of personal development programs is that they help us become more self-aware. With these programs and trainings, we are better equipped to understand who we really are and what we must choose to make our purpose. A few other benefits are the clarity, motivation and resilience that come with personal development. It’s important to focus on personal development early in life, to help shape children into better adults in the future. A great result of personal development is the increase in the number of healthy, fulfilling relationships we create. We’re able to see whose worth investing emotionally in and who isn’t.

MSTQ Human Development Foundation is building a learning platform to help you be your best self!

The crowdfunding India industry has proven to be a great tool in making personal development programs a reality in countries like India. Commit2Learn, MSTQ’s new project, focuses on integrating a helpling, e-learning facility, webinars and counselling sessions all on one single online platform that will cater to anybody aged 16 and above across India. The foundation plans to take a blended approach with technology and personal interaction to make their impact. The platform’s features will enable one to overcome their fears and insecurities and take charge of their life.

Vidya Yedavalli is an entrepreneur who has taken initiative of this project, armed with 25 years of experience in life skills and development. Upon discovering the vital role crowdfunding websites like Impact Guru play in personal and community building projects, she began raising funds to build her unique platform. She is able to share her campaign easily across social media to engage with a growing network of donors. She is able to spread the word about her project and raise awareness about the importance of her cause.

Find her story on Impact Guru’s top crowdfunding India platform. If you’re passionate about raising awareness about a cause or making your project a reality, don’t hesitate. Turn to crowdfunding today and empower yourself with the funds you need!

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