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Herbs for Hair Growth

Herbs for Hair Growth


Hair fall is a problem which is very common these days for both men and women who are in their middle age and now a days it is also rising among youths. The causes of hair loss varies from person to person if you are too emotional or physically stressed, medications, auto-immune disease, nutritional deficit, high-grade fever, and lot more. However hair fall is very commonly for men but, there are many females too who are disposed to this problem. If you are using regular actions like hair straightening, hair dyeing and curling then this will leads to many dangerous chemicals being used on the hair and due to this females are also experiencing hair loss at some point in their life. Here are some other reasons which are responsible for hair fall in humans like poor diet, inappropriate care of the hair, health disorders like thyroid problems, inborn conditions like menopause and alopecia and also due to chemotherapy and certain medications.

Excessive hair loss leads to Baldness and to overcome baldness, Hair Transplant is the only solution. Countries like Singapore, Turkey and India are famous for Hair Transplant. In India cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Jaipur etc. provides Hair Transplant facility. Among these cities hair transplant in Pune is famous for its affordable and promising result as well.

For many of years, people using herbs to nurture the scalp and encourage the growth of strong and healthy hair.  The list of herbs conventionally used for this purpose is wide.  Here are some of the best herbs which will help you to get healthy hair.

  1. Aloe Vera2

Enzymes in aloe vera burst into dead skin cells and overflow sebum which can block hair follicles.  Aloe comprises salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory and gentle anti-biotic.  Aloe gel is also an outstanding conditioner with a molecular construction related to keratin, the noticeable protein which makes up skin and hair.  For this cause, aloe vera is one of the top transporters for other herbal cures which encourage hair growth.

  1. Amla3

Amla is the Indian Gooseberry comprises numerous anti-oxidants comprising vitamin C which is essential for collagen production.  Elevated collagen levels quicken production and upsurge power of new hair development.

  1. Basil4

Basil is very rich in magnesium quantity, an every so often unnoticed mineral which is vital for hundreds of chemical processes inside the human body.  When spread on to the hair and scalp as an herbal solution, basil turns as an anti-inflammatory, supports hair against damage, and develops circulation in the hair follicles which supports to motivate growth.

  1. Bhringraj5

It is also normally known as makka, Ecliptaalba or bhringrajis. It is an oldest Ayurvetic herb known to be one of the most useful natural means for boosting hair growth

  1. Burdock Root6

It is the root of Burdock plant which has many old-style medical uses comprising as an anti-inflammatory and scalp remedy.  It is very rich in fatty-acids. Burdock root oil can be used by itself or joined with other herbs like rosemary to endorse scalp health and inspire stronger hair growth.

  1. Calendula2

The flowers of Calendula officianalis which is also known as marigolds are very rich in minerals and anti-oxidants.  Calendula oil put on to the scalp to encourages development of stronger hair by growing collagen making and flow in hair follicles.  You should use calendula single-handedly or in group with some other moisturizing oil.

  1. Fenugreek3

Fenugreek is a vitamin which is very rich herb and it supports to increase flow and excite hair growth.  Fenugreek seeds should be drenched in water overnight then crushed into a fine paste.  Put fenugreek paste straight to the scalp or mixed with yogurt for the extra advantage of lactic acid. Let this mixture to immerse in for at least forty minutes before washing the scalp.

  1. Flaxseed4

Flaxseed which is also known as linseed is full of fatty-acids and anti-oxidants which support to eliminate toxins and dead cells from the scalp.  Boil some flax seeds in water to form a gentle gel which can be put on scalp and hair as a conditioner that can help to inspire growth and develop the power of existing hair.  A guide for creating flax seed gel can be establish here.

  1. Ginger Root5

Ginger root oil rises flow in hair follicles, encouraging tougher and faster growth.  Ginger root is also an anti-septic and conditioner, creating it outstanding for clearing up dandruff and further skin conditions which may obstruct with healthy hair growth.

  1. Gotu Kola6

Also occasionally called as brahmi, Centellaasiatica or gotu kola and has been usually used for thousands of years to cure many internal and external maladies, several of them are related with the crown chakra.  Combine gotu kola with olive oil and massage into the scalp to develop flow and encourage tougher hair growth.

  1. Hibiscus7

Hibiscus flowers comprises vitamins and anti-oxidants which advance scalp and hair health. Include fresh blossoms (or if you can’t discover them fresh then use dried hibscus) to coconut oil and chore into a fine paste.  When smeared on to scalp and hair frequently, this combination rises hair growth although at the same time warding off untimely greying and dandruff.

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