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Helpful Tips to Quit Alcohol for Good

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Helpful Tips to Quit Alcohol for Good

If you have been contemplating quitting alcohol or go for temporary alcohol detox, but are hesitant to quit this habit, then know that it is no easy feat. If alcohol has been a part of your daily life in any form, then it will be quite difficult to quit but we have come up with the best suggestions on how you can help curb your alcohol consumption effectively. 

Before we go further, please note that quitting alcohol altogether can be dangerous for some people based on their physical conditions. So always consult a doctor before starting your rehab journey as professional help will be good for you. The doctor may prescribe some medicines to deal with the withdrawal symptoms which you can buy from online pharmacies easily. So along with medical help try following these tips.

  1. Start with a Plan

Take a breath, focus and research your options before taking on a decision. Create or choose a plan that works best for you and think over the minute details of the plan as well. Do your research on some coping techniques and think about what techniques will suit you best when the time comes. Be prepared beforehand for the withdrawal symptoms. 

Try to avoid places or situations that encourage you to drink. Know some coping mechanisms in case you have a sudden urge to drink. It will do you good to know your strengths and weaknesses and be prepared to tackle your urges beforehand. 

  1. Build a Strong Support 

Quitting is much easier with allies, coaches, friends, or family. Support groups are one way to find a supportive community and ask for help as well. Even simply telling family and friends about what you are going to do or going through and asking for their support will make a big difference in your journey. 

  1. Consider Medication as an Option

Medications for alcohol withdrawal are a good option to deal with urges to drink. If therapy and support groups are not doing you any help, getting medical help will. Several medicines are off-label and prescribed by doctors’ but these help with overcoming the physical withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Go cold turkey or cut back moderately

Reducing the amount of alcohol consumption beforehand will eventually make it easier to quit altogether. Moderate levels of consumption are tricky to achieve but not impossible. With proper guidance, counsel and support from your friends and family, you can cut back on alcohol if you choose to. Cutting back alcohol beforehand will help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms much better. Besides, it is also a good long-term strategy to deal with alcohol use. 

  1. Practice Self-Care Strategies

Practice self-care sessions into your routine to get into the mindset of healthy living. You may start by having daily walking sessions of 20-30 minutes. Also, consider doing meditation or yoga. You can try repeating some positive affirmations before going to bed so you don’t lose motivation. 



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