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Health Tips for Men Over 40

Ann Valdes August 30, 2016 Health Comments Off on Health Tips for Men Over 40
Health Tips for Men Over 40

The leading health risks in men aged 40 and over include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  And while modern medicine and advance in pharmacological sciencepossess a wide range of medicinal products presented at to help you come through, learn the critical habits of staying healthy when you’re turning 40:

De-stress. Most men start experiencing a midlife crisis when they’ve reached their life’s halfway stage and realize that time is running out.Career, financial pressures, separation, job loss or bereavement can make the 40s and 50s a very stressful time. Don’t skip visiting your doctor and treat depressionas it makes a significant portion of the midlife crisis,leading to heart disease and other health problems.

Get rid of your spare tire. Men tend to gain weight around the belly as they reach midlife. Spare tires are found even more insidious than obesity and predict diabetes and heart disease. Work out more and eat healthy to maintain a normal weight.

Check your hormones. 40 is a time when thyroid disease shows its face. If you feel worn out,your hair and skin have lost their luster and your muscles start to wither away as your body fat increases, you must be evaluated for low testosterone or a much serious thyroid problem  hypogonadism. In hypogonadism man may have erectile dysfunctionand may become depressed with little desire for sex. Complications of underactive thyroid can be staved off with prescription medications.

Do screening tests. Check your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar regularly. Explore your family history to find out your genetics toreduce risks for heart diseases and cancer. Thus, you may be recommended colonoscopy at 40, instead of waiting until 50 if you’re at risk.

Have regular sex.Sex has lots of health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, improves immunity, relieves stressand maintains heart and prostate health. If you start losing sexual desire with age, don’t dismiss it. Erectile dysfunction may signal of serious health disorders. Timely detection and early treatment for sexual problems will make you stay fit and wellinto old age.

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