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HCSW:radiation therapist salary

Candice Dickerson September 4, 2016 Health Comments Off on HCSW:radiation therapist salary
HCSW:radiation therapist salary

When it comes to your career considered what type of family you’d like to have and the type of field you would like to work in, salary is something that is extremely important to many workers. If you have a passion for medicine and you want to be a radiation therapist, the radiation therapist salary is a median salary of $ 79, 140 annually. In order to be a certified radiation therapist, you need a certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy. There are other requirements in order to have this job, which include CPR certification, state licensure and radiation therapy certification. How the salary normally works for any type of career, is the more education and experience you have, the higher your salary will be. This is important for anyone to understand when it comes to a job you want to work for since you want to love your job but if the pay isn’t great, then why would you want to stay there? That’s why having more experience in the job you love or going back to school for a raise is definitely worth it.Image result for HCSW:radiation therapist salary

Radiation Therapist Job Description

A radiation therapist operates machines called linear accelerators, which are used to deliver radiation therapy. These machines direct high-energy X rays at specific cancer cells in a patient’s body, shrinking or removing them. Someone who is a radiation therapist is essentially a part of the oncology team, which is in place to treat patients with cancer. There are several job duties and tasks for a radiation therapist to do, which include administering prescribed doses of radiation to specific body parts, using equipment specifically for radiation therapy. They have to position their patients for treatment, enter data into computers and set controls in order to operate the equipment, follow principles of radiation protection for the patient, clients and self, review prescriptions, diagnose, and maintain records, reports and files as required.

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