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Flours that not only are Healthy but also high in Protein Content

Candice Dickerson October 4, 2017 Featured Comments Off on Flours that not only are Healthy but also high in Protein Content
Flours that not only are Healthy but also high in Protein Content

The basic food content in your diet cannot always be a loaf of meat, milk, dry fruits or eggs. Filling up your stomach requires a cheap food item that is healthy as well. For everyday diet, flours are considered to be the best food supplement that you can ever have. High protein flour builds up your body and finally the most important thing, roughage that cleans up all your digestive system making it healthy.

Flours are of different types and are consumed in that form in all across the world. Some of them contain high nutritional values while some contain less. According to their growth in different regions of the world, they are consumed. Here are a few types of flours, their nutritional values, and their importance.

Types of Flours and their Nutritional Importance:

The most commonly used flour is wheat flour extensively used in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Wheat flour contains carbohydrates, protein, and potassium. Wheat flour products provide high calories good for energy. Second is the Maida Flour also known as all type flour is used extensively in South East Asia. It is used to bake cakes, noodles, fast foods and other delicious cuisines. Though Maida Flour is common, it is not considered healthy yet it provides sufficient energy.

Bajra Flour is another type of flour common in the Indian subcontinent. Bajra contains starch, carbohydrate, protein, and magnesium. Bajra is used to cook roti, which is consumed with local veg and is known as winter food due to high-level energy content. Chickpea flour is also a very common flour used in many ways. The flour contains the highest level of nutritional contents. A 100 g flour contains 22g of protein, a very high content.

Advantages of Consuming Flour Products:

Flour products contain high energy and are the relatively cheap source of food. Flours are used as a basic food supplement to reduce the hunger or fill the stomach. The most important point is that it has relatively no side effects, unlike other food supplements. It can be consumed every day in different forms. The cheapest rate is also another important reason to use it on a daily basis. Flour contains roughage, a starch that helps in better digestion removing all toxic wastes from the body.

Flours contain carbohydrate and protein, an essential part of a balanced diet. With easy availability, cheap rate and high nutritional qualities, what can be better than consuming flour.

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