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Excessive Alcohol Consumption Roots Plethora of Preventable Fatal Diseases

admin January 4, 2019 Health Comments Off on Excessive Alcohol Consumption Roots Plethora of Preventable Fatal Diseases
Excessive Alcohol Consumption Roots Plethora of Preventable Fatal Diseases

It does not matter if you drink beer, liquor, wine or champagne, moderate consumption can offer health benefits. According to research, safe drinking limit for men and women is maximum 3 units of alcohol per day with 2 nights off. [1 unit = half pint of beer or small shot of spirit]. Alcohol within health range helps to relieve from stress, increases good cholesterol, boosts creativity, and reduces heart disease risk.

How excessive alcohol works in the body?

Benefits mentioned above get outweighed when a couple of units get added per day. Drinking alcohol does more harm and studies have consistently revealed that it can lead to death, which could be prevented. When alcohol consumption gets heavy, your body cannot metabolize it. So, excess accumulates in your bloodstream. Heart circulates this alcoholic blood throughout your body. Thus the normal bodily functions get changed.

Single binge drinking incident can significantly damage your organs like liver, heart, pancreas, and brain. This in turn can root a lot of health issues, which can be fatal. Living healthy can help you get same benefits as stated above. If you are consuming excessively and cannot control it then seek help from alcohol recovery rehab as soon as possible to avoid the development of several chronic diseases and preventable health conditions.

  • Liver disease – Liver is unable to metabolize fats, which gets accumulated on liver causing fatty liver. Overtime this leads to alcoholic hepatitis and ultimately scar tissue, which roots cirrhosis. Due to decrease in liver functions, many organs fail causing death of the victim.
  • Pancreatitis – Overconsumption leads to painful inflammation in the pancreases, which often needs hospitalization.
  • Cancer – The risk of developing different kinds of cancer like mouth, larynx, esophagus, liver, stomach, colon, breast, and rectum increases.
  • Ulcer & gastrointestinal issues – Alcohol first passes through gastrointestinal tract, where toxic effects get exerted. Digestive system damage can trigger internal bleeding due to enlarged esophagus veins because of chronic liver disease.
  • Immune system dysfunction – Due to heavy alcoholism immune system gets vulnerable and body is susceptible to TB and pneumonia.

Brain damage, osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, and the list goes on and on. Better to be safe, so if necessary seek medical help.

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