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Diving Deep Into The Importance Of Lactoperoxidase Supplement

Diving Deep Into The Importance Of Lactoperoxidase Supplement

Member of the family of the mammalian heme peroxidases, the importance of lactoperoxidase, is best known for its broader spectrum of antimicrobial activities. In this context, lactoperoxidase is considered to be an antimicrobial enzyme present in biological fluids like milk, saliva, and tears of mammals. Bovine milk and human saliva have potent lactoperoxidase supplement ,which suggests it can have a definite effect on protecting the mammary gland from the accumulation of toxic levels.

As an effective antimicrobial agent, applications of the LP are being found in preserving food, cosmetics and mostly to preserve raw milk quality in areas where it’s not possible to use mechanical refrigeration for technical or economic reasons. The use of lactoperoxidase supplement in the dairy industry to the transportation of processing plants are being explored slowly. One of the most stable enzymes found in milk, it helps to combat bacterial properties when combined with hydrogen peroxide and thiocyanate.

Highlights –

Known to be a calcium and iron-containing glycoprotein, LP has found application in dental and wound treatment alongside necessary usage in anti-tumor and anti-viral agents. Playing its most essential role in the innate immune system by killing bacterias in milk and mucosal secretions, augmentation of the LP system may also have several therapeutic applications. This is the sole reason why it is so favored in the consumer health care industry because of its innate bacteria control over the deemed products. Some of the highlights that indicate its property is –

  • Lactoperoxidase constituted with its inorganic ion substrates, hydrogen peroxide and oxidized products come to be known as the lactoperoxidase system aka LP system.
  • LP system contributes significantly to the control of pathogens in raw milk.
  • It has also been effective in reducing the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, microorganisms of concern in milk and its substitutes, at refrigerator temperatures.
  • LP extraction from whey or milk is based on a well-developed industrial process, which can means that this enzyme can be easily isolated and manufactured in large quantities.

Found mostly in cow milk’s peroxidase, the lactoperoxidase supplement is the favorite composition of molecules for in vitro and in vivo application such as –

  1. Conservation of raw and pasteurized milk.
  2. Storage of emulsion, cosmetics, moisturizing gel and toothpaste in dry mouth
  3. Veterinary products and preservation of storage foodstuff.

Effective in killing a range of certain aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, the effect of the entire LP system on bacteria is dependent on the experimental conditions. Lactoperoxidase is part of the defense system in the tissues of the human body that acts as a protective immunity system.

Bottom Line

In recent years, medical grounds have probed the increasing oxidative effects of this enzyme over the curable treatments of breast cancer and proved effective towards the ophthalmic solutions like Immunoglobulin G. Apart from that, due to its heat resistant take, it is used as an indicator by the milk production factories extensively.

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