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Different Options for Treating Ovarian Cancer

Carol Gilmore April 3, 2019 Health Comments Off on Different Options for Treating Ovarian Cancer
Different Options for Treating Ovarian Cancer

Surgery has been the main treatment for a majority of ovarian cancers. In case, you wonder on how much surgery you have would be dependent on how far your cancer has spread and on your overall health. In case, you were a woman of childbearing age who has specific kinds of tumors and having cancer at the earliest stage, it would be possible to treat ovarian cancer without removing the uterus and the ovaries.

Who would be the best option to treat ovarian cancer?

Dependent on the different available treatment options, you would have different types of doctors on the treatment team. Let us delve on the doctors included in the team.

  • A gynecologic oncologist

A gynecologic oncologist would have specialized training on using surgery as treatment for ovarian cancer. Most of the times, they would also be required to give chemotherapy along with other medicines for treating ovarian cancer. A good option would be John V Brown.

  • A medical oncologist

They would be the doctor using chemotherapy along with other medicines for treating ovarian cancer. You could hire the services of Tiffany Brown, who is a reliable and reputed gynecologic oncologist to treat ovarian cancer.

  • A radiation oncologist

They would be the doctor using radiation for treating ovarian cancer.

There would be several other specialists as an integral part of your treatment team. The treatment team would be inclusive of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, nurses, social workers, sex counselors, genetic counselors, nutritionists, and other health professionals.

How to make treatment decisions

It would be pertinent to mention here that your treatment plan would depend on several aspects. It would be inclusive of your personal preferences, overall health, and whether you would plan to bear children. Age would not be the only determining aspect, as several studies have shown that older women would be able to tolerate ovarian cancer treatments in the right manner.

It would be imperative to discuss all available treatment options inclusive of their aims and possible side effects with the gynecologic oncologist. It would help you make the best decision suitable for your specific needs. It would be imperative to inquire about questions in the event of anything that you were unsure about.

If you have adequate time, it would be a good idea to seek a second opinion on it. You should rest assured that the second opinion would provide you with adequate information and assist you in feeling more confident about the treatment plan you actually choose.

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