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Dieting: A Thin Line Between a Healthy Goal and Addiction

Marsha Williams April 29, 2017 Diet Comments Off on Dieting: A Thin Line Between a Healthy Goal and Addiction
Dieting: A Thin Line Between a Healthy Goal and Addiction

Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, some to other substances and then there are those with an addiction to being thin. They eat vary little, replacing some meals or supplementing them with diet pills. Diet pills are enticing. They offer people hope of maintaining that Barbie or Ken look or achieving the ever elusive weight goal. The American dream is not owning a home, a car, being financially stable and having a family. it is buying into the myth that everyone needs to look like the model gracing the cover of the latest issue of Vogue or GQ.

Rarely do diet pills deliver that which they promise. When they do, it is often short lived. Are the makers of the diet pills to blame? Well… yes and no. They did put it on the market and make certain claims, but the consumer is to blame for buying it and not reading the fine print. Diet pill makers do state that results are not typical and most of the time, their products have not been evaluated and approved by the FDA.

The truth is, diets in general just don’t work. The key to getting fit and healthy is doing it for the right reasons (looking like that model in the magazine does not qualify), eating a balanced diet of several small meals a day that includes plenty of lean protein, carbs and fruits and veggies. A person should try and meet the proper calorie requirement as well. For most, this is 2000 calories per day, however some people have a requirement for more and others need less due to their weight or medical problems. On top of this, physical activity is a must. A healthy body MOVES.

People who are obsessed with their bodies are often dying to be like Barbie and Ken. Thin, pretty… they forget that it is what is on the inside that counts. The content of a person’s character is what makes them beautiful; even the most attractive person can seem very ugly if he or she has a nasty heart. Weight loss should be done for health purposes only and by those who truly need to lose weight. It is also highly recommended to do under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Those who are obsessed with being thin often reach for those diet pills, popping them like candy and quickly becoming addicted. They begin to believe they are seeing the results they longed for, even if ever so slowly and come to rely on the pills to keep them going, give them energy and help to suppress their appetites. This, in fact, is doing more harm than good.

The lack of energy is caused by a need for food: calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs… you know, stuff that tastes good and fuels the body. Instead of eating, diet pill addicts pop another pill to give them a boost. While a person might see weight loss, this weight loss is not healthy. It can lead to anemia and anorexia, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. While taking a multi-vitamin alongside the diet pill might sound like a good thing, no supplement can replace that which comes directly from food. Headaches often occur because of these deficiencies, the lack of calories, low blood sugar, a need for protein and a need for carbs. Long-term addiction or use of diet pills can lead to heart trouble, problems with the digestive system and even hypoglycemia. There has even been some cases where diet pills were directly related to a death or caused health problems that lead to an early death.

Addiction to diet pills is as serious as any other addiction. It needs to be treated and often calls for some kind of rehab. This addiction is typically caused by some psychological problem related to self-esteem. These addicts have to learn the healthy way to lose and maintain their weight, to accept themselves as they are and to stop chasing after that which society seems to deem “the look.” They’re chasing perfection… Perfection does not exist.

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