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Chiropractic: Treating Tennis Elbow

Marsha Williams April 12, 2017 Health Comments Off on Chiropractic: Treating Tennis Elbow
Chiropractic: Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow does not exclusively afflict tennis players to be clear, but that means there are many who experience it without knowing that Tennis Elbow is what ails them. Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult in the wake of such an injury to recognize it as a pain best taken to a chiropractor, which can be rather unfortunate. If it hasn’t dawned on you yet, you can absolutely haul your enfeebled arm to a chiropractor given that this falls directly under their purview.

Tennis Elbow manifests as a pain on the elbow that extends through the forearm, so it’s not entirely localized. The most severe cases are those in which patients experience a degree of numbness in the injured arm, or they may incur pangs of shooting pain that seer through their hands and, perhaps, even up to their neck. It can be rather excruciating in these circumstances obviously, and it as at this point that you realize you have to take Tennis Elbow very seriously in light of the level of extreme discomfort.

Tennis Elbow can hinder one’s ability to straighten one’s arm for no other reason than that the pain is debilitating for the elbow, and this can also impinge upon the perceived strength one has in that arm. This will affect how a person manages to pour water into a cup of or lift his or her toothbrush. Indeed, now Tennis Elbow is impinging upon your dental hygiene because you don’t give it your all anymore with the alligator arm you’re cradling all day.

Tennis Elbow, often also referred to as Golfer’s Elbow because neither sport can seem to patent its insipid pain, is technically classified as what chiropractors call a classic, Repetitive Stress Injury. The recurring, forceful motions of the elbow, wrist, and hand can lead to Tennis Elbow, and obviously, the thousands of racquet swings that a tennis player makes on a regular basis easily meet the requirements to qualify for this exclusive sort of agony. Patients often don’t suspect this injury as being their real problem, though, if they aren’t avid tennis players or incessant golfers, which is what leads people astray from time to time. The reality is that even typing and a disparate miscellany of other mundane tasks can yield Tennis Elbow.

With chiropractic care, Tennis Elbow is bound to last anywhere from a month and a half to three months, but if the causes of Tennis Elbow are not addressed and proper care is not taken to remedy the pain, then this is a condition that can plague people for years. The purpose of chiropractic as it relates to Tennis Elbow and similar injuries is to see to it that patients are taking the necessary steps to treat their ailment correctly while at home. A quality chiropractorwill, of course, diagnose the problem to begin with and start to work it out, but he or she will also instruct the patient to make sure that they are resting the target arm as much as possible in order to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. If the patient cannot manage this, then the chiropractor may even prescribe a brace for the arm.

Rest alone, though, is an insufficient remedy for the arm because, of course, the body heals incredibly slowly without other factors aiding the process. It is important that someone suffering from Tennis Elbow periodically ice the elbow as well as its surrounding muscles and tendons. This icing should occur every three hours and last between twenty and thirty minutes. It is also necessary to elevate the elbow to a height above the heart as often as possible and for as long as possible because this will reduce the buildup of inflammation. In the event that a brace is prescribed, the benefit of this is that compression supports the target area and inherently keeps inflammation from accumulating. You can check for more information on how to treat a Tennis Elbow on

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