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CBD treats your pet would love

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CBD treats your pet would love

CBD oil extracted from hemp is a hit of natural medicine in recent years. All because of the cannabinoids present in this plant, i.e. active compounds that have numerous pro-health properties. High safety of using natural hemp products (such as CBD oil) makes this an ideal drug for everyone, even for animals!

CBD oil and cannabinoids contained in it

Cannabinoids is a large group of organic chemical compounds that can be found in various living organisms. It so happens that most of these substances are found in hemp (hence the name of the plant cannabis). Cannabinoids act on all mammals because they have an end cannabinoid system. This is a recently known system, but it plays no less important role than the nervous, digestive or respiratory system. With the best of CBD resource you can get the best options now.

End cannabinoid system regulates, among other things, energy management, neurohormonal connections, neuroimmunological, motor activity, mood, motivation, feeling of hunger and satiety, the use of energy and controls the metabolism of lipids (fats). Extracts from extracts that are very rich in cannabinoids. These extracts are most often available in the form of products such as CBD oil. Cannabis pet is a new Polish brand that introduced CBD oils dedicated to animals, containing these pro-health cannabinoids.

When the disease affects the pet

Only the recent discoveries of scientists have proved that the disturbed work of the end cannabinoid system may be the cause of many diseases. These include diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, sleep problems, digestive problems and epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disease that is relatively common among domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

Pupils suffer and feel pain as well as people, so they can be subjected to a treatment similar to that of people. One of the most effective treatments for epilepsy is CBD oil. It is a specialized preparation made of cannabis, which abounds in CBD cannabidiol and other cannabinoids obtained from the plant. CBD oil has no psychoactive effect; it is a completely legal and safe product that does not cause side effects.

Interestingly, cannabidiol CBD is able to alleviate the symptoms of so-called drug-resistant epilepsy, i.e. those that do not respond to conventional treatment. CBD is the only chance for such patients.

CBD oil from hemp in the fight against cancer among animals

Cancer is a potentially lethal disease that often affects animals. Numerous studies have proven that cannabidiol CBD is a safe, non-toxic compound that is naturally able to stimulate the body to fight the disease. In addition, CBD oil inhibits the growth of even very aggressive cells. Tumours are very often associated with the occurrence of inflammation in the body. Therefore, it is very important that the treatment applied is also directed to the treatment of inflammatory conditions and acts strengthening on the entire immune system.

CBD oil is perfectly suited for this; it is one of the most effective natural medicines with anti-inflammatory properties and restores the balance of the body (homeostasis). Another advantage is the fact that it has a gentle calming effect and raises the mood, which further increases the effectiveness of the therapy. CBD oil can be used as a support for pharmacological treatment.

CBD products for animals

CBD can often be found in the form of oils that are dosed orally with an attached dropper. CBD oils differ primarily in the concentration of cannabidiol. The maximum concentration of preparations available on the market is approx. 30%. Such products are definitely too strong for animals, as the dose is determined on the basis of body weight (and this is much lower in animals than in humans).

A very small amount, difficult to measure, should be given in order not to exceed the recommended concentration. This is of course not dangerous, because as we mentioned, CBD oil is not toxic, but it is definitely uneconomical when used for a long time.

Treatment with CBD oil starts with applying small doses so that the body gets used to and reacts appropriately to the new therapy. The easiest way will be to reach for special products created for animals.

Cannabis pet CBD oils

Cannabis pet is the first brand in Poland to launch a whole series of hemp products for animals that contain CBD oil. The series includes not only CBD oils of low concentration ideal for animals (2.5%), but also dog-shaped cookies for bones. Cannabis pet CBD oils are available in 5 variants suggesting the use – epilepsy, tumours, joints / bones, sedative and skin / fur.


Cookies, on the other hand, are an excellent form of administering CBD oil to animals that will eat the medicine with taste. Crunchy CBD cookies, depending on the variant, also contain calcium, beef or cereals. They can be both the basis and complement of treatment with CBD oil. Cannabidiol (e.g. in the form of cookies) is also worth giving prophylactically, because it is a wonderful remedy and enhancing the body’s natural ability to regenerate.

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