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All You Need To Know About the Steroid Anavar

Marsha Williams May 6, 2017 Health Comments Off on All You Need To Know About the Steroid Anavar
All You Need To Know About the Steroid Anavar

Steroids have always been an effective option for the enhancement of body muscles and losing fat. It has been the obvious choice for several athletes and bodybuilders irrespective of the gender. However, there are specific requirements for both males and females for these drugs. Although there are drugs that can be used by both male and female, there are gender-specific drugs as well. One such drug intended for use by females is Anavar.

Anavar has been an effective anabolic drug that not only causes weight-loss but also muscle enhancement in the body. The effects produced by the drug on the body are dramatic as depicted by the before and after pictures for women who have administered the drug. These pictures are posted all over the internet; however, it does not ensure that all the users will obtain the same results. To obtain the maximum benefit from the drug, these points might prove to be helpful for you.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is the name of the brand used to market the drug Oxandrolone. Although Anavar contains Oxandrolone as its chief ingredients, it also contains lactose, corn starch, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and magnesium stearate. Oxandrolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that provides the main reason behind the androgenic properties of Anavar. Oxandrolone comes with an androgenic/anabolic ratio of 24:322-630 and is known by its molecular formula of C19H30O3.

Why is Anavar an obvious choice for female bodybuilders?

Anavar has been immensely popular for enhancing performance in several professional sports and bodybuilding. This is due to the fact that it can stimulate the growth of muscles. However, the drug has mild androgenic and anabolic effects on the body. As a result of it, the side effects produced by the drug are not severe. This is the reason why the drug has been reviewed as one of the best options for cutting cycle for women.

During the cutting cycles, Anavar has been instrumental in burning both the subcutaneous and the visceral fat. It revives the lipid metabolism and converts excess fat into energy. Moreover, it also stimulates the process of protein synthesis in the body. This particular step is especially required to increase the lean muscle mass. There are rare side effects like the development of masculine characters and virilization in females. However, it can be taken care of by strictly following the recommended dosages and cycles for the drug. These attributes make the drug an obvious choice for any female bodybuilders.

Anavar side effects and how to prevent it

As stated earlier, Anavar is generally not associated with adverse side effects. However, taking large dosages of the drug or extending the cycle beyond 10 weeks can bring up several potential problems. Some of these problems include vomiting, nausea, hair loss and baldness, mood swings, muscle cramps, libido changes and development of breasts in men. However, these side effects can be easily avoided by strictly following the recommended dosage and cycle of the drug.

These are some of the general ideas about Anavar, its benefits, and its side effects. You can have an idea about the effects of the drug by looking at the before and after pictures for women. If you wish to take the drug, consult your physician to determine its appropriate dosage and cycle.

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