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Advantages Of Workplace Drug Tests And Checking Test Clear Review

Clare Louise September 6, 2018 Health Comments Off on Advantages Of Workplace Drug Tests And Checking Test Clear Review
Advantages Of Workplace Drug Tests And Checking Test Clear Review

Workplace drug testing is one of the most common things that happen as the pre-employment process and during the employment as random tests. That way, employers can ensure that their employees are not using any illicit drug during their time off and on the job.

Even though it may cost a company a significant amount of money to test everyone, there are numerous advantages to doing so. You have to check Clear Drug Tests company, and you will be able to determine which drug test is the best for your specific employment needs.

Stay with us to see the most significant advantages of conduct drug tests in workplaces:

It Will Ensure Employee Safety

You should have in mind that some jobs are too dangerous to work while intoxicated, and it is mandatory to be utterly sober due to overall safety. This is especially important if you use heavy equipment or working as a driver of a truck, or an employee that has to be always alert and aware of what is going on around him.

For instance, if you are an employee that works at the deli counter, you won’t be able to use drugs while working because you will work over a hot stove and handling sharp knives along the way.

You Can Avoid Significant Problems

A company can quickly decide to screen all potential workers so that they can prevent issues that could happen by hiring some with a history of drug abuse. A drug problem is something that easily spires out of control, and even though someone seems like a perfect employee because if you see him under the influence, he will become unreliable.

Check here to see the most common workplace accidents due to drug abuse.

As soon as you notice that things went out of control such as showing up late to work and not focusing right on duty, then you should pay for a drug test so that you can save significant money to your company. At the same time, you will reduce the expenditure or rehiring someone new or compensate for the injured employee.

Some Industries Require It

In some scenarios and options, it is mandatory to pass a drug test if you want to work. It is a requirement that you have to do before you obtain a license. If you work in the company covered by the United States Department Of Transportation, then you have to pass tests for drug use on a frequent basis.

These companies mostly include public transportation agencies, railroads and airlines. Due to the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, some companies have to test their employees if they wish to get a contract with a federal government.

Apart from that, if the company gets a grant from the federal government, it has to test employees for drug use, which is another crucial regulation to have in mind before you enter the company.


On the other hand, some companies decided to test their employees so that they can ensure the sense of justice. According to the governor of Florida in 2012, state employees have to submit to drug testing without precedent.

Since employees of the state get their money with taxpayer dollars, the governor thought that it would be fair that they undergo drug and alcohol testing so that residents could make sure that they are not funding some who will create havoc and abuse drugs along the way.

At the same time, Florida has passed a law that everyone who decides to apply for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (visit the website: that will explain you thoroughly this federal assistance program), have to pass a drug test before they can receive money. Even though a subject of drug testing in the workplace is a controversial topic for most business, many arguments support both sides of the game.

Even though some employers think that they have the right to test employees for illegal drug use randomly, other believe that it is necessary to regulate drug testing according to law.


As we can see from everything that we’ve mentioned above, employees that abuse drugs pose a safety risk in the workplace. If you work in a business that requires higher exposure to liability, that could cause drug-related work accidents.

United States Department Of Labor has stated that between 10% and 20% of U.S. workers have been in fatal accidents because they tested positive for alcohol and illegal drugs. Employers can help workers by placing them in recovery programs at the company’s expense.

This will benefit the employer who has an experienced employee without training and hiring someone new. The employee will benefit from the getting out of drug addiction as well as spiritually, emotionally and financially.

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