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A Quick Guide on Checking the Quality of CBD Oils

Ann Valdes April 30, 2019 Health Comments Off on A Quick Guide on Checking the Quality of CBD Oils
A Quick Guide on Checking the Quality of CBD Oils

Because of extensive media exposure and endorsements from various doctors and medical organizations, cannabidiol has become one of the hottest substances in the medical community today. The substance that has just been introduced to the market in only a few years is fast becoming a multi-billion market. From healthcare professionals and researchers to entrepreneurs and investors, many sectors are now trying to take a hand in the CBD industry.

But while many individuals like CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and organizations like the WHO are attesting the potency and safety of this substance, some manufacturers are producing CBD oil of inferior quality. Aside from damaging the reputation of CBD, these poorly made products can also produce adverse effects on people taking them.

How to Know CBD Oil Quality?

Here are ways to find out if the CBD oil you are buying is of the best quality:


  • Tested by an Independent Third-Party Laboratory


Since there is no regulatory body that can ensure the efficacy of the cannabidiol products you are buying, you need to take extra effort in finding brands that were tested by third-party laboratories. Buy only the ones with valid Certificate of Verification on the label. Even if the CBD product has a certificate, double-check its veracity. Even the large manufacturers get certified in exchange for large sums of money. Hence, you need to do your homework by checking the product’s reviews online.


  • Process of Extraction


There are many ways of getting CBD oil. Hence you must research the production method of the vendor by checking on their website, or by asking a customer service representative. Experts suggest buying products processed through ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction.


  • Take Note of Its THC Content


THC is the cannabis-derived substance that can get you high and can affect your mental state. Many cannabidiol products, even those with superior quality, have more THC because of the preference of some customers. To avoid complications caused by this substance, you check the label of the products with less than 0.3% THC content.


  • Where the Cannabidiol Oil is Extracted


The place where the plant is grown often determine the quality of the CBD product you are buying. Most of the high-grade ones come from Colorado and Denmark. You should also find out the species of cannabis (indica, sativa or hybrid). Even the environmental conditions such as the soil and the manner of cultivation also affect the product’s quality. You can ask the representative of the company or budtender for dispensaries about these details.  

If you want effective relief to your health conditions, the quality of your CBD products matters a lot. Hence, choose only the ones produced and supplied by reputable companies.


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