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5 Important Points Must Keep in Mind before the Hair Transplant

Marsha Williams December 9, 2017 Hair Loss Comments Off on 5 Important Points Must Keep in Mind before the Hair Transplant
5 Important Points Must Keep in Mind before the Hair Transplant

The hair transplant procedure is now easily available in all the prime cities of India and people having the problem, with hair loss/baldness choosing this because of their permanent and natural results. Previously, the hair transplant service was only accessible in the foreign countries like US, UK and Europe, but with the globalization and the increase in the advancement of the things related to the scientific development and knowledge-power outsource it is an easy option and all possible to our nation too. The procedure of hair transplant in India gained their importance and value due to the vast availability of the expert hair transplant Surgeons who give the quality treatment to their patients at an affordable cost of the services. The procedure has a prime value because of their sustainable and long-lasting hair follicles, which is extracted from patient’s own scalp and transferred to the recipient bald area of the scalp with a fully aesthetic manner that gives an undetectable hair transplant results.

It is very important to follow some tips before going to take the procedure as a final decision that helps you in analyzing the procedure worth and also clarify many things related to the restoration procedure.

Now, it is an easy option to get the procedure anywhere in India, whether the city is Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore or Jaipur, but it is an important task of finalizing the best one that gives you a decision-making ability to judge the best Surgeon, best clinic and the best way to get the procedure and their outcomes.

5 Important Points needed to be considered before the Hair Transplant Procedure is as follows:

  1. Choosing the Surgeon

To choose the best hair transplant Surgeon involves a set of actions requires an in-depth research via both online & offline that can give you much relevant information about the Surgeon’s quality, expertise, experience and their results experienced by their former patients. You should concern about the Surgeons’ expertise and for that can take the help from reputed hair restoration forums and network.

  1. Selecting the Best Clinic

To choose the hair transplant clinic is a complicated task that must be re-evaluated and select according to their recognition, reputation, and credibility in the hair transplant industries. Your selection of clinic must be free from the matter of distance, state, country or any other geographical boundaries. Do not consider any ad, whether online or offline for selecting the clinic as these are all marketing gimmick that can deviate you from choosing the best one! Always believe in live patient results and meet the patient personally if possible before choosing the particular clinic for the hair restoration procedure.

  1. To get aware of Hair Transplant Techniques

There are two scientific techniques in the hair transplant world to extract the grafts called as FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. Both these techniques, goal are limited to the extraction of grafts and the further steps of the procedure such as dissection, slitting, and implantation is all based on the Surgeons’ quality work and their extreme aesthetic sense. So, choosing the technique for the procedure is decided by the Surgeon and you shouldn’t get bothered about this thing.

Don’t say your Surgeon that you need the particular technique by influencing the ad or marketing because the method adopted in the procedure is all decided by your grade and state of hair loss as well as your available donor area strength and the quality of hair.

  1. The Cost Concern

Choosing the costlier option doesn’t have any relation with the success to the procedure and the proof is in front of us by getting a number of foreign patients as they are selecting our country to get the restoration procedure. The cost of hair transplant in India is just one-fourth of the cost applicable in the USA, UK, and Europe added to the benefits of the best cosmetic results with an extremely artistic touch and aesthetic hair transplant results.

  1. Refrain from Hair Spa

Before the hair transplant surgery, you must refrain from the salon spa session and follow the hair wash regularly. It is advisable for the patients to avoid the process of hair spa for a few days earlier if you are planning for the hair transplant procedure.


Summarizing all, to receive the hair transplant procedure is also kind of research work that must be carefully done in order to get the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure followed by the pre-procedure consultation and meeting of old patients who got the best outcomes.


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