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Why Won’t People In Dire Need of Addiction Counselor Not Get It?

Why Won’t People In Dire Need of Addiction Counselor Not Get It?

If you have an addiction and you aren’t getting help for it, you aren’t the only one. That isn’t to say that this is a good thing. What you need to see are the various reasons why someone in dire need of addiction counseling won’t go get it. Gaining a deeper understanding of what might be preventing those other people might help you understand your own reasons.

According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NDSUH), only 1 in 10 people received treatment for substance use. This includes kids aged 12 or older! Why was that? The complex nature of the problem of addiction makes it hard to pinpoint to a single reason responsible for this. A huge portion of this demographic is formed by people who felt they didn’t need treatment.

What Makes People Think They Don’t Need Treatment?

Numbers aren’t any good when it comes to estimating why people think that way. That’s because of the deeper underlying issues from which their addiction stems. Those reasons can be different for different people. For some people, more than one reason might be in play. Some of those reasons are mentioned below:

  • When a person with an addiction denies that they have a problem, they won’t be likely to seek help for it. Their addiction might be so deeply rooted in them that they are willing to ignore the facts.
  • It is also difficult for someone to accept they need help when there is a fear of losing control. Going to counseling might seem like handing the reins to someone else. They would much prefer to say they have things under control than seek help.
  • It is a fact that recovery via detoxification isn’t an easy route. This can make a person with an addiction afraid of what they might have to go through. Therefore, deterred by fear and perceived dangers to themselves, they will put off getting help. The withdrawal process can be difficult to get through. It is why this is one of the reasons that makes them apprehensive about getting help. Some will also be worried if they would be able to handle a step-by-step program.
  • Lastly, the simplest reason is unfortunately also a common one. For some people with addiction, giving up the high sounds impossible. Since it makes them feel so good, they begin to wonder if they’d even be able to live without it. The addiction might be taking a toll on their physical and mental health yet they are unable to give it up. Seeking help would of course mean that they would have to stop using. Short-sighted vision is a certainty when it comes to addiction.

If any of these reasons resembles your situation or a loved one, try to help them through it. Healing will commence as soon as the decision to seek help is made. It is like bringing your life back under your control. Always remember, help is always available!

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