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Why Using a Vaporizer is Better and Healthier than Smoking Your Herbs

Why Using a Vaporizer is Better and Healthier than Smoking Your Herbs

The most immediate negative impacts of smoking come from the inhalation method an individual exposes themselves to regularly. Vaporizing is a smokeless way of using any loose herbs which eliminates all the immediate adverse effects associated with smoking your herbs. Igniting the bud is a sure way of getting to the temperatures required to deliver its potency, but it also combusts it which leads to the emission of other chemicals detrimental to the entire respiratory system.

Inhaling smoke delivers an onslaught of damaging materials — harmful carcinogens— into the lungs via the bronchial tree. Irritation of the windpipe is the most common side effect of smoking herbs but in general, exposing your lungs to hot smoke continuously over a long period is unnatural and is bound to have some negative effects. Some of the advantages of using a vaporizer or a dabber tool over traditional smoking include:

More Flavor, Better Taste

Technology has found its way into every aspect of our lives including the way we deliver herbs into our bodies. Though vaporizers have been around for many years, technological advancement has led to the development of more efficient, portable devices to enhance the experience. These devices are capable of heating the dry herb like a convection oven without combusting it thus preserving the good stuff and preventing the release of harmful carcinogens. The vapour the gets into the system is of the highest quality and in more than one flavour, hence a better taste.

Vaping Is Convenient and Clean To Use

Vaporizers are like cell phones, just ensure that it’s fully charged and you are on your way. You can vape basically anywhere, no need to bother yourself with smelly pieces or lighters any more. All you have to do is press a button and enjoy your herbs while you stroll around the compound. To clean your vaping chamber, all you have to do is empty the contents into a dustbin, and you are good to go. That’s it, no sticky mess that would necessitate complicated cleaning methods.


If you are the type of person that values discretion, get yourself a vaporizer and enjoy your cannabis without the fear of being judged. A vaporizer is like an e-cigarette, it’s easy to conceal and doesn’t attract much attention thus easily overlooked. It’s easy to store; you can remove it from a bag or pocket and put it back in with ease. There are no clouds of smoke, just a vapour that is barely visible. The smell is not familiar or pungent either. Check out for more info.


Unlike smoking, a vaporizer will evenly heat your herb without breaking them down. The heating from a vaporizer is just enough the release the herb’s flavours without the harmful products of combustion which eliminates health risks associated with smoking — burning the herbs and turning them to ash.

There are other numerous reasons as to why vaporizers are superior to smoke inhalation; this is just a tip of the iceberg. Therefore, if the bud is legal and bountiful in your home state, you might want to switch from smoking to vaping.


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